A super twist to healthy snacking 

Super Lotus is a superfood snack with puffed water lily seeds (popularly known was lotus seeds or "makhana") as the main ingredient. We aim to bring a twist to traditional snacking by making them more nutritious and more healthy. Snacks that you can pop in at any time of the day with lip-smacking flavors that you just cannot stop eating. All while not feeling the guilt of snacking. Oh, wait! What are water lily seeds? Keep reading :)

Introducing water lily seeds! Water lily seeds are light, fluffy and have the same popcorn crunch when you first bite into it. Nutritionally, these seeds are rich in antioxidants, high in minerals and have a low-fat content as compared to other snacks. We will be coming out with some exciting flavors and your taste buds will keep asking for more!



Beautiful. Isn’t it?  Mostly found in South East Asia, water lily seeds have a great balance of plant protein,  carbs, antioxidants and other rich minerals. Did we mention super low calories! 

Simply Turmeric

Smoky flavor with a light touch of turmeric spice

Salt & Cumin

Our simple take on a savory flavor with cumin

Cinnamon Sugar 

For the sweet palette that reminds you of cinnamon rolls


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